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A Special Animation Style Of Light Bee Electric Bicycle 2020

Share an article with all of you, a special animation style of light bee electric bicycle.

A Huan, from Zunyi, has lived in Chengdu for a long time because of his work. In order to solve the travel problem, he wants to buy a high-quality electric bicycle. He learned about the light bee electric bicycle through a friend’s introduction.

After the test drive, he had a strong interest in light bee electric bicycle, so he drove hundreds of kilometers to Qiulong science and technology factory to buy the bicycle, and then carried out his refitting road.

The frame adopts anode rose gold, 02 cartoon sticker, almost all car titanium alloy screws, the real object is very beautiful, it can be said to be the brightest girl in the car group.

Front fork

Fox 40 front fork inner tube is 40 in diameter, which can provide strong support. Kashima coating is specially processed to make the inner pipe more smooth and durable.

Rear shock absorber:

Ext can be precisely customized damping adjustment according to the driver’s weight, vehicle model, trample type, personal preference, etc.

EXT ARMA HBC V3 rear shock absorber has four adjustable dampings (LSC-HSC-LSR-HBC), with ultra-low friction coating, high sensitivity, light soft support, and strong coil spring.


Shimano Saint M820 brake, four-piston ceramic design, can provide high strength braking, ceramic piston, and metal heat dissipation to reduce heat and reduce brake attenuation.

Customized fingerprint for light bee, one-button start, high-end atmosphere, private exclusive.

Syntace carbon fiber handle, high strength, lightweight, high color.

Raceface atlas pedal is specially used for the mountain bikes. It can grasp the foot in a large area. The most important thing is that the ankle can move.

The exquisite rearview mirror and dental plate.

Every detail reflects good intentions.

It took ah Huan several nights and a lot of energy to transform the light bee into its present appearance. Although it is not perfect, it is enough special, and his modification is still going on.


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