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Electric Bike LCD Display Manual -KT Display

KT display meter provides various functions and displays for controlling and monitoring bikes. Here are manuals for various different KT Displays. KT Displays Manuals. KT LCD3 Electric Bike Display User Manual KT LCD4 Electric Bike Display User Manual KT LCD5 Electric Bike Display User Manual KT LCD6 Electric Bike Display User Manual KT LCD7 Electric […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throttle for Your E-Bike

As e-bikes continue to gain popularity, more and more riders are looking to customize their bikes to suit their individual needs and preferences. One such customization is the addition of a throttle, which can provide an extra boost of power when needed. However, choosing the right throttle for your e-bike can be a daunting task, […]

Every Thing You Need To Know About Bike Tires 2020

A bicycle tire is a very important part of the bicycle. Because only the tire directly contacts the ground in all parts of the bicycle, a suitable tire not only determines the basic performance of the bicycle but also brings you more riding fun. Knowledge About Bicycle Tires: 1. Classification of bicycle tires 2. Specifications […]

7 Advantages Of Wearing Cycling Gloves When Riding – Emotoer

Benefits Of Wearing Riding Gloves As a necessary protective tool, riding gloves are as important as helmets and clothes. Good riding gloves not only bring comfort in riding but also play a protective role. 1. Slow down the vibration damage In the process of riding, the vibration generated on the road surface is directly transmitted […]

9 Steps Changing Your Chain Rings For Sur-Ron Light Bee

Share with you how to change a chainring for sur-ron light bee. Step 1: Remove the rear wheel brake pump. Remember not to pinch the rear brake or find a gasket to insert into it. Step 2: Remove the chain clip Step 3: Remove the chain Step 4: Loosen the rear axle nut Step 5: […]

Bike Maintenance: How To Install A Bicycle Chain?

The chain is the key part of the bicycle transmission system. Riding tension will make the chain spacing become larger and larger, accelerate the wear of flywheel and tooth chainrings, make abnormal noise, even break the chain in serious cases, causing personal injury. To avoid this, share with you today how to determine whether the […]

Bike Chain Maintenance – Guide To Clean And Lubricate Bicycle Chains 2020

The bicycle chain is completely exposed in the process of riding, which is directly affected by the riding environment. Therefore, the chain is the most easily worn parts in the process of cycling. If the chain is not well maintained or used improperly, it will not only affect the life of the chain, but also […]

How To Choose The Right Chainrings | Bike Components 2020

Whether it is a mountain bike or a road bike, for different people, different riding environments, and different riding methods, there will be different chainrings selection. Therefore, when purchasing chainrings, we should choose according to their own actual situation. Chainrings Selection Rules 1. The number of teeth used now is the same as the number […]

Bicycle Spokes – How Do I Know What Size Spokes To Get?

One end of the spoke has a 90-degree bend through the hole in the drawplate, and the other end has a cap through the spoke hole in the rim. We can go through adjust the tension of the spokes to adjust whether the wheel of the bicycle rotates in the same plane. In this way, […]

How to Adjust The Bike Spokes Rim – Bicycle Repair 2020

Our beloved bicycles ride over thousands of mountains and rivers, the rough road surface, easy to cause wheel deflection.The gradually shifting wheel will not only affect the sense of riding road, but also cause uneven brake hand feeling. This article will share with you how to adjust the wheel rim. 1. First, you need to […]


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