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Basic Information You Need to Know Before Purchase an Ebike Pedal Assistant Sensor

What is a PAS( Pedal Assist Sensor)? What functions does it have? What is the difference between different number magnetic? The PAS is a sensor installed on the electric bike’s central axle. Its function is to convert the pedaling action into a pulse signal that can be recognized by the controller. The sensor is divided into two parts, the disk, and the sensor. The disk rotates with the shaft when you step on it. The sensor is fixed. There is magnetics on the disk, each magnetic will trigger the kiln element in the sensor to act once when passing through the sensor. The more magnetics, […]

eBike Pedal assist sensor KT PAS Sensor Installation Guideline

Installation for Electric Bike Conversion Kit Pedal Assistant Sensor PAS BZ-10C BZ-4(8)  KT-D12L KT-V12L 1. How to choose the right PAS for your bicycle? Select the booster according to the bicycle axle. PAS BZ-4(8)  PAS BZ-10C PAS KT-D12L  PAS KT-V12L 2. PAS BZ-4(8) installation BZ Series power-assist sensors are with features of multi-species, multi-standard, good accuracy, water resistance, high reliability, etc., and it can be installed in […]


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