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2020 Storm Bee Latest News – The Sur Ron Off-Road Vehicle Stormbee Is Coming

In 2020, the epoch-making full-scale and high-performance electric off-road vehicle — storm bee batch production version is coming.

In September 2017, the popular model “Light bee” of Sur Ron was sold offline. With its unique design concept and simple handling experience, Sur Ron has opened up the markets of nearly 100 countries and set off a wave of high-performance electric Electric off-road trends of China’s own brand all over the world.

Since the success of Light bee in the global market, Sur Ron has begun to broaden the range of off-road vehicles. In the 2019 Chongqing motorcycle Expo and Milan exhibition, Sur Ron has successively displayed the engineering models of the road version and the off-road version of the storm bee forest, just like the light bee, which has caused a great sensation and topic in the industry.

At this motorcycle exposition, Sur Ron has brought the mass production of the storm bee forest road Version (which can be used as the Yellow brand of the motorcycle). Compared with the engineering model a year ago, the workmanship and materials have made a qualitative leap. The whole LED lamp group has a high degree of completion.

The forest road version weighs 126kg (including battery). The frame made of all aluminum alloy has a strong sense of strength. The diameter of the front shock absorber is 47mm, the stroke with shock absorption effect is 290mm, and the rear shock absorber/wheel travel is 115 / 290mm. Sur Ron has specially adjusted the shock absorbers to achieve the balance of sports and comfort. The maximum steering angle is 45 ° and the minimum ground clearance is 320mm. Excellent controllability and trafficability. The 1436mm wheelbase gives the vehicle handling flexibility and excellent high-speed stability.

Relying on the electric drive platform independently developed by Sur Ron, the peak power 22.5kW (30.6ps) central motor and gearbox carried by Tempie make people think that this is a great guy.
The design and identification of the Sur Ron lightning claw pattern logo on the gearbox box are very high, which makes the storm bee stand out among a large number of oil-powered off-road vehicles.

When a high-power motor with a maximum speed of 8000 rpm is running, the howl is very unique, even can be described with charming words. When the roar sounds, it seems that a bunch of blue and blue current gushing out into the invisible picture, and the sense of future is presented here.

As an off-road vehicle, the torque is a rigid assessment index, and the maximum torque of the driving wheel of the storm bee has reached a terrible 520N. M! The acceleration performance of such a powerful driving wheel torque is also amazing, 0-50km / h 1.8s! 0-80 km / h 3.6 seconds! The speed exceeds 110 km / h.
In terms of power, the motor power of storm bee 22.5kW is the same as that of a 250cc oil tanker, but its acceleration performance is close to that of a 600cc large displacement tanker!

It doesn’t need complicated shift operations and oil separation. It can start the switch to the bottom, eject and start, and easily experience the tearing air like acceleration feeling. The large-scale hydraulic disc brake of 270mm in front and 240mm in the rear also makes people have full confidence in the braking force of the storm bee. After all, if you run fast, you have to stop~

With such powerful power and torque, if it can not be effectively controlled, it will only become empty talk. Therefore, Sur Ron is very considerate to equip the storm bee with the ABS and ASR traction control system to help drivers better control the vehicle and maximize the performance of the vehicle.

The ASR system used by storm bee is a sports traction control system specially tailored by Sur Ron. It is more suitable for the electric vehicle platform and can be adjusted in real-time during riding. All of these are realized by the core brain of the storm bee, the 150V intelligent vector controller. The ultimate goal is that the drivers can enjoy the violent power at the same time Maximum security.

In addition to the safe configuration of the ASR traction control system and the use of ABS, of course, there is also a multi-stage adjustable driving mode which can add more driving fun. There are four adjustable driving modes in the storm bee: economy/rain/sport / Turbo.

Here are the official notes on the four driving modes:
1)”Different power modes respond to different driving conditions, and the economic model ensures endurance;
2)Rain mode soft output power, to prevent the drive wheel slip;
3)Sports mode has a high power output at any time;
4)Turbo gear is a violent peak power output that lasts for tens of seconds and can be recycled at intervals;

The use of different driving modes makes storm bee easy to use both off-road tracks, non-paved roads, and urban roads.

And the storm bee has a unique function: “R gear mode (Reverse)”. When the vehicle is still, press the reverse button and turn off the switch, and the vehicle can drive backward. Imagine if you encounter a vicious road condition or traffic jam when you are cycling outdoors, and your friends step down to move their cars and turn around, while you use the reverse block to go away~

In terms of service life, the power battery of the storm bee is 90V / 48ah high rate ternary lithium battery. It adopts the top-notch Sony vtc6 cell in the industry, the automotive intelligent relay scheme, and the safe and efficient battery management module to ensure the abundant power and stability of the battery pack.

The detachable battery pack weighs 29kg, and it takes only 3 hours for the household electric power to be charged 0-100%. No matter at home or outdoors, it only needs the place where the home power is available to quickly replenish the energy for the storm bees. It can provide more than 105km of endurance under the cruising speed of 50km / h. as an off-road vehicle, this endurance level can be easily competent whether it is the off-road track or urban commuting.

The storm bee exhibited at the Motor Expo is the forest road version, there will be 3 versions for official sale —– Non-road Version (no lamp, no license plate), forest road Version (license plate allowed), all-terrain Version (license plate allowed).

And there should be 17-inch slide tire options, and hopefully, the vacuum spoke wheel. We should pay attention to the latest information on Sur Ron.

About price and launch time: the official retail price of the storm bee is about 5928.91$, and the specific price and selling time will be announced at the official press conference in November.

While other manufacturers are still working on national standard electric bicycles or 1-3kw “electric motorcycle”, Sur Ron has already climbed the peak of mass production of more than 20kW models. This class of models has no rivals in China, even in the field of electric motorcycles around the world.

More power is not just the increase of motor, but the accumulation of technology in many fields, such as car body, mechanics, balance, control, man-machine, safety, reliability, and so on, which requires the manufacturers to pay huge R & D investment. The emergence of the storm bee once again proves the benchmarking position of Sur Ron in the high-performance electric motorcycle circle.

Moreover, from the author’s point of view, the platform of storm bee is step-by-step progress. In the future, many models such as streetcars and sports cars may be derived. In the future, whether Sur Ron will enter a broader market in the field of civil commuting remains to be seen.

Summary: as a high-power electric cross-country vehicle that can be legally registered on the road, it has excellent design, high-quality components, simple operation, lightweight weight, electronic control, and other safety devices are armed to the teeth, which is a good continuation of Sur Ron’s long-standing concept of making cars – lowering the operating threshold of electric motorcycles so that more people can be the shortest time, the most relaxed, the safest way to get the fun of electric motorcycles, to experience the joy of driving control and new things that have never been before.

At this point, after being listed on the market, it is bound to trigger another upsurge of electric off-road vehicles, leading the electric motorcycle industry into a new generation.

Parametry of Storm Bee
Length x Width x Height 2120 mm x 810 mm x 1430 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 320 mm
Wheel Base 1436 mm
Height of Seat 940 mm
Weight (Battery Included) 118 kg
Rated Load 120 kg
Top Rake 26°
Steering Angle Left 45° / Right 45°
Front Fork Stroke 290 mm
Rear Shock / Whell Stroke 115 / 290 mm
Dynamical System Air-cooled DC Brusshless Center Motor
Control System 150 V FOC Sine Wave Controller
Highest Work Speed 8000 r/min
Peak Power 22,5 kW
Peak Torque of Drive Wheel 520 Nm
Cooling Type Air-Cooling
Max Climbility 45°
Top Speed 110 km/h
Max Range ≥ 100 km (with 50 km/h)
Transmission Model Cgain Transmission
Battery 96 V / 48 Ah Lithium Battery – Sony VTC6
Dynamic Model Economy / Raindrop / Sport + TURBO
Frame Type All Aluminium Alloy Forged Frame
Wheel Train Type Front Rim 21×1.60, Rear Rim 18×2.15
Tyre Type Front 80/100-21, Rear 100/90-18
Front Suspension System 290 mm Fully Adjustable
Rear Suspension System Air Bag Type – Adjustable Single Suspension
Front Brake Type Manual Operation – 270 mm Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake Type Manual Operation – 240 mm Hydraulic Disc
Charge Time 3h
Certification CE identification
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