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Bicycle Spokes – How Do I Know What Size Spokes To Get?

One end of the spoke has a 90-degree bend through the hole in the drawplate, and the other end has a cap through the spoke hole in the rim. We can go through adjust the tension of the spokes to adjust whether the wheel of the bicycle rotates in the same plane. In this way, […]

How to Adjust The Bike Spokes Rim – Bicycle Repair 2020

Our beloved bicycles ride over thousands of mountains and rivers, the rough road surface, easy to cause wheel deflection.The gradually shifting wheel will not only affect the sense of riding road, but also cause uneven brake hand feeling. This article will share with you how to adjust the wheel rim. 1. First, you need to […]

Electric Bike Handlebars – How To Choose The Best Handlebar For You 2020

The handlebar of the bicycle is an important part of bicycle parts. It is the main part of the steering and control of bicycles. When riding, whether it is long-distance riding or short-distance riding, whether it is road riding or cross-country riding, the handlebar is very important for the comfort and riding safety of riders. […]

How Many Bicycle Common Troubles Can You Solve?

Bike repairing is a technical job. So many people will go to the bicycle repair shop for the first time when their bike brakes down. But the technician maybe just tighten the screws, the so-called problem is solved. In order to avoid similar situations, 16 kinds of common faults of bicycles are sorted out to […]


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