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Every Thing You Need To Know About Bike Tires 2020

A bicycle tire is a very important part of the bicycle. Because only the tire directly contacts the ground in all parts of the bicycle, a suitable tire not only determines the basic performance of the bicycle but also brings you more riding fun. Knowledge About Bicycle Tires: 1. Classification of bicycle tires 2. Specifications […]

7 Advantages Of Wearing Cycling Gloves When Riding – Emotoer

Benefits Of Wearing Riding Gloves As a necessary protective tool, riding gloves are as important as helmets and clothes. Good riding gloves not only bring comfort in riding but also play a protective role. 1. Slow down the vibration damage In the process of riding, the vibration generated on the road surface is directly transmitted […]

Electric Bike Handlebars – How To Choose The Best Handlebar For You 2020

The handlebar of the bicycle is an important part of bicycle parts. It is the main part of the steering and control of bicycles. When riding, whether it is long-distance riding or short-distance riding, whether it is road riding or cross-country riding, the handlebar is very important for the comfort and riding safety of riders. […]

2020 Storm Bee Latest News – The Sur Ron Off-Road Vehicle Stormbee Is Coming

In 2020, the epoch-making full-scale and high-performance electric off-road vehicle — storm bee batch production version is coming. In September 2017, the popular model “Light bee” of Sur Ron was sold offline. With its unique design concept and simple handling experience, Sur Ron has opened up the markets of nearly 100 countries and set off […]

A Special Animation Style Of Light Bee Electric Bicycle 2020

Share an article with all of you, a special animation style of light bee electric bicycle. A Huan, from Zunyi, has lived in Chengdu for a long time because of his work. In order to solve the travel problem, he wants to buy a high-quality electric bicycle. He learned about the light bee electric bicycle […]

7 Tips Help to Extend The Lithium Battery Life of Your Electric Bikes

For the users of electric bicycles, the cost of the battery is the biggest consumption of bikes, so people are very concerned about extending the service life of the battery. However, how long can a set of electric vehicle batteries last? Why do some people’s batteries last 2-3 years, while others have less than a […]

The Most Harmful Charging Methods for Lithium Battery of Ebike(2020)

For an electric bicycle, the correct charging method will be conducive to the extension of battery life, and the wrong charging method will not only shorten the service life of the battery but also have security risks. Therefore, the following seven charging methods should be avoided when charging electric bicycles. 1. Mix different types of […]


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