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Ebike Conversion Kit Tongsheng TSDZ2 Motor Repair Guide

1.TSDZ 2 Central Motor Composition 1.1 Electric bike conversion kit TSDZ 2 central motor is composed of a chain wheel and motor main body. The main body is divided into 3 parts: motor unit, torque sensor unit, and controller unit.  TSDZ2 Motor   Chain wheel   Main body Chainring Spider Adaptor Chainring   Motor unit […]

Bicycle Conversion Kit TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid-Drive Motor Installation

1. Motor installation The first step: the bushing of the motor is pushed into the bicycle five-way pipe in the direction of the arrow, and the length of the five-way pipe of 68mm, the exposed length of the middle bushing is 11mm, as shown in Figure 1. Step 2: Install the reinforcement board. Figure 2 1. Place […]


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