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7 Tips Help to Extend The Lithium Battery Life of Your Electric Bikes

For the users of electric bicycles, the cost of the battery is the biggest consumption of bikes, so people are very concerned about extending the service life of the battery.

However, how long can a set of electric vehicle batteries last? Why do some people’s batteries last 2-3 years, while others have less than a year’s battery life? Is the quality of the battery poor? Or for other reasons?

1. How long is the battery life?
At present, there are generally two kinds of batteries for electric vehicles on the market: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

The service life of the lead-acid battery is when the battery capacity decreases to 30% of the original capacity. Generally, the battery is fully discharged for about 300 times, and the service life is about one and a half years. If the riding distance is short, it can be used for about 3 years;

The life of lithium batteries has strict charging times, which is about 1000-1200 times, and the service life is 3-5 years.

2. Why are the battery life different?
Since the service life of the battery is about 2-3 years, why are most of the owners’ batteries scrapped after more than a year or even half a year?

This has a great relationship with the daily use and maintenance of users, many people do not pay attention to battery maintenance in the process of using electric vehicles. Neglecting battery maintenance may lead to battery damage in a short period of time (lead-acid battery is usually 12 months).

3. How to extend battery life?
The cost of the battery is generally between $50 and $200, but even so, a frequent replacement will bring a lot of challenges to household spending. To prolong the service life of the battery, the following two points should be kept in mind:

1) do not do battery damage behavior (Details: The Most Harmful Charging Methods for Lithium Battery of Ebike(2020) )

2) Regular maintenance
Regularly check the shell of the electric vehicle battery to see if there is deformation, damage, scratch, and other problems. If there is, it is necessary to timely go to the maintenance point for maintenance, at the same time, it should be thoroughly tested. If there is corrosion on the terminal, it should be treated in time to avoid power leakage.

4. How to maintain the battery of electric bicycles?
Most of the time, electric bicycle owners don’t know how to maintain the electric bicycle battery, so that the electric bicycle battery aging too fast. So, how to maintain the electric vehicle battery?

1) Time Control
The newly purchased battery should be fully charged before use. The first three times of charging should not be less than 10 hours and not more than 12 hours, and then each time should be charged for 6-10 hours.

In addition, the charging time is controlled according to the seasonal change. Spring and Autumn: 7-8 hours; summer: 6-7 hours; winter: 8-10 hours.

2) Charge on time
Please do not use the battery power to the minimum. When the remaining 25% of the battery power is left, you can charge it. Develop the habit of timely charging and try to make the battery in a full state.

3) Charging process
When charging, plug in the battery first and then the power supply. When fully charged, first cut off the power supply and then pull out the battery plug.

4) Recharge after cooling
Avoid high-temperature charging. Do not charge in the environment with the temperature over 40 ° because the battery capacity will decline due to high temperature.

Therefore, do not charge the battery immediately after each long-distance driving. You should wait for the battery to cool down for 10 to 30 minutes before charging, which can prolong the service life of the battery.

5) Prevent low power consumption
When the electric bicycle is not used for a long time, the battery should be disconnected from the whole vehicle and charged normally once a month to avoid self-discharge of the battery

6) Using the Original charger
Don’t change the charger at will. Try to use the original charger. Do not remove the speed limit of the controller when charging, otherwise, the service life of the battery will be reduced.

7) Regular inspection
When the battery capacity declines, the local foreign affairs station should be inspected to determine whether the battery decline is normal. If necessary, the battery working state can be improved through maintenance.

No matter what brand of electric vehicle battery, as long as more maintenance so that the battery will be more durable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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