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How to Adjust The Bike Spokes Rim – Bicycle Repair 2020

Our beloved bicycles ride over thousands of mountains and rivers, the rough road surface, easy to cause wheel deflection.The gradually shifting wheel will not only affect the sense of riding road, but also cause uneven brake hand feeling. This article will share with you how to adjust the wheel rim.

1. First, you need to have the tools:

2. Understand the tension direction of spokes;

3. Understand the influence of elastic spoke cap on rim runout;
Axial: Relative to the left and right ears of the flower drum, which side of the spokes should be tightened and which side the wheel rim will deviate;

As shown in the figure, I intend to pull the wheel rim to the right, so I need to follow the instructions in the figure:

Radial: relative to the axis, which side of the spokes is tightened and which side is closer to the axis;
As shown in the figure:


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