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Bicycle Spokes – How Do I Know What Size Spokes To Get?

One end of the spoke has a 90-degree bend through the hole in the drawplate, and the other end has a cap through the spoke hole in the rim. We can go through adjust the tension of the spokes to adjust whether the wheel of the bicycle rotates in the same plane. In this way, our bicycles will be more stable.

Different sizes of rims, different hole numbers, and different spoke weaving methods may lead to different lengths of spokes. Therefore, we need to know the following knowledge when purchasing spokes.

Many riders often ask these questions: I am a 26-inch bike, how long spokes should I buy? I’m a 700C road bike, how long spokes do I need to buy? I’m giant / Merida, how long spokes do I need?

The simplest way is to actually measure. Generally, the measured length error is about 2mm, which can be used. If the spokes are short, use a longer cap to make up for it. If the spokes are long enough, the exposed part of the rim can be bent and not pushed to the inner tube.

Spoke Knowledge
Spoke Shape:

The spokes are flat, round, round, and divided into elbow and straight-pull. Flat spokes are all straight-pull.

Spoke Diameter:

Common bicycles include 14G (2mm), 15G (1.8mm), 13G (2.3mm), 16G (1.6mm), variable diameter bars, etc.

Spoke Material:

45# steel-304 stainless steel, etc.

Spoke Length:

The factors that determine the length are the rim size and rim height, the single/double rim, the ear size of the flower drum, the spoke braiding method, and the offset length.

Common spoke length: Double rim – the height of about 22mm, drum – ear diameter of 68mm.

Weaving and length of spokes

Six-four cross-editing method (the 1st and 6th crosses, the middle interval is 4) as an example:

1). Drum brake for the front wheel disc, with short spokes on one side and long spokes on the other side;
2). The front-wheel V brake drum is the same on both sides, which can be long or short;
3). The rear flower drum is not divided into disc brake and V brake, and it is better to use short spokes on the side of the flywheel;
4). 186 and 188 are used for 20 inch, 28 hole, and 32 holes;
5). 233 and 235 are 24 inch and 32 holes;
6). 259 and 261 are 26 inch, 32 holes, and 36 holes, or 261 with 263 can also be used;
7). 272 and 274 are used for 27.5 “32 holes;
8). 292 and 294 are 29 inches or 700c-32 and 36 holes;

9). If you use one specification of spokes, it’s OK, but it’s a bit more troublesome to adjust the wheelset.

If it’s a 32 hole 26-inch disc brake drum set, you can buy 259 spokes and 261 32 spokes each;
For 32 hole pure V brake wheelset, buy 259-48, 261-16; or 259-16, 261-48;
Or no matter the disc brake / V brake, you can buy all 259 or 261.


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