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Ebike Conversion Kit Tongsheng TSDZ2 Motor Repair Guide

1.TSDZ 2 Central Motor Composition

1.1 Electric bike conversion kit TSDZ 2 central motor is composed of a chain wheel and motor main body. The main body is divided into 3 parts: motor unit, torque sensor unit, and controller unit. 

TSDZ2 Motor


Chain wheel


Main body

Chainring Spider Adaptor



Motor unit

Torque sensor unit

Controller unit


1.2 The remaining parts of the TSDZ2 motor as shown in figure

Rear cover
Dust cover



2. The  disassembly process of TSDZ Central motor

2.1 Central motor repair tool

In the process of the maintenance of this product, will need to use the following tools: Allen wrench, circlip pliers, vice, phillips screwdriver, screwdriver, and hammer.

Auxiliary tool
 Gear pulling tool


2.2 TSDZ2 Motor Kit Chain wheelcoverdust cover disassembly process

With an Allen wrench, tooth plate to remove 5 x 14 M5 inner hexangular set screw cylinder, then remove the waterproof cover, then remove the cover plate, then remove 3 M4 x 10 screws respectively and the 2 screws on the dust cover, and then remove the cover plate and dust cover. Shown as following

(Waterproof cover)


 2.3Ebike motor TSDZ 2 Motor rear cover disassembly process

With an Allen wrench, to remove four M4 x 14 round head hex socket screws. Shown as following

2.4 Gear wheel disassembly process

Use the circlip pliers to remove Φ 30 axis with the spring, remove wheel gear with a gear pulling tool.

Pull out the five screws in the gear screw hole, and use the Allen wrench clockwise rotation of the screw and remove the big gear.


2.5 TSDZ 2 Motor Torque components disassembly

Remove the torque oil seal and use circlip pliers to remove ① 15 circlips underoil seal, take out gasket. Pull out the cable connected to the controller, shown as follow

Oil seal
Spring and gasket

Connect cable

Tapping axis, the torque sensor module


2.6 Remove the controller components and electrical components

2.6.1 Removing the controller component connections with electrical components, remove line pressing board screw, rivet welding pieces

of the screw.

Pay attention to the riveting welding pieces of the elastic washer.

Riveting weld piece

2.6.2 Remove motor components four M4 x12 cross countersunk head screw, remove the motor components, shown as following

M4*12 screw place

Motor component
take off nylon gear assembly
2.6.3 Remove the two screws M3 X 6 from the bottom of the controller, use the screwdriver to press the line card, take offthe controller assembly, pull out the controller wiring harness
the position of M3X 6
 pull out the controller wiring harness

3.TSDZ central motor installation process

3.1 TSDZ 2 controller installation

Put the controller into the main body, and put the two M3 X 6 screws to the bottom of the controller

the three black wires entrance this hole

M3X 6 screw position


3.2 motor assembly installation

3.2.1 grease FT-EM50L to the nylon gear balance

3.2.2 Put the nylon gear to the main body like below

3.2.3 Put the motor to the position of the below main body, like below picture and fix the four M4 X 12 screws
M4X12 screws

 3.2.4 Put the three spring washers to the three riveting-welding chips

   riveting-welding chips

Use the three M2.5×4 screws to locking the riveting-welding chips and spring washers.


3.3 Torque sensor installation

3.3.1 Install the three compressed springs to below picture position of the main body, and entrance the connect the line of the magnetic core to the main body hole, then make sure the locating 14plate of the magnetic core install to compressed spring.

the three position of compressed spring

the hole of the connecting line and through the main body

three-position plates
3.3.2 press the torque sensor into the main body and confirm the connect cable connecting well .afterwards install the copper gasket and circlip.

the torque sensor and connecting cable from the controller

copper gasket and circlip


3.3.3 Install the HK2212 ball bearing as shown picture and put the copper gasket and circlip.


3.3.4 Put the locating pin onto the torque sensor unit and press the big bearing into the main body. Take notice of the position of locating pin on the big bearing.


3.3.5 Confirm the installation without a problem. Install the circlip and put the line card into the wiring harness and then seal up the line card and wiring harness with 703 sealing glue.



3.3.6 Install the waterproof cover and sealing ring and then install the dust cover as well as cover and locked them as shown


3.3.7 The chain wheel is fixed on the main body by 5 PCS M5*14 screws and install the waterproof cover.




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