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Bicycle Conversion Kit TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid-Drive Motor Installation

1. Motor installation

The first step: the bushing of the motor is pushed into the bicycle five-way pipe in the direction of the arrow, and the length of the five-way pipe of 68mm, the exposed length of the middle bushing is 11mm, as shown in Figure 1.

Step 2: Install the reinforcement board. Figure 2 
1. Place the reinforcing plate on the middle shaft five-way. 
2. Place two aluminum washers between the reinforcing plate and the center motor. 
3. Use two M5×16 hexagon socket screws to strengthen the plate and the center motor. Lock


Step 3: Screw the M33.5 nut onto the middle bushing and tighten with a special tool. The locking force is 40N·m. Figure 3


Step 4: Fix the motor and the frame. As shown in Figure 4.1 
, the M8*40 screw connection fixing block and the center motor main body stud hole are pre-tightened. 
2. Use the M8*45 round head screw to securely lock through the fixing plate and the threaded hole on the fixing block.


Step 5: Tighten the M8*40 screws (final locking) with a force of 40 N·m. Figure 5


Step 6: Install the crank. As shown in Figure 6. The 
left and right cranks are mounted with M8×14 hex socket screws with a locking torque of 40 N·m.


2. Instrument installation

The first step: install the meter. As shown in Figure 7. 
Fix the meter at the position shown with two M4×14 hexagon socket head cap screws and two M4 square nuts. 
Bracket size: φ32, with adjustment ring inside.


The second step is to install the left-hand operation switch. Figure 8. 
Fix the operating switch to the position shown in the figure with two M2.5×10 hexagon socket head cap screws.


3. Vehicle speed sensor installation

The first step: the sensor is equipped 
with two straps to fix the speed sensor support on the rear fork of the frame;


The second step: installing the magnetic steel seat to mount 
the magnetic steel seat on the rear spokes and the magnetic steel surface faces the sensor; the 
third step: adjusting the distance between the magnetic steel surface and the sensor, and 
rotating the sensor so that the distance from the magnetic steel surface is not more than 5mm, then tighten the M4 screw.


4. System connection

Step 1: Insert the operator and instrument plug-in;


The second step: insert the power-off brake to the base of the instrument, the system can be used without the brake;


Step 3: Insert the instrument and the plug-in of the center motor;


Step 4: Insert the speed sensor and the plug of the center motor;


Step 5: Connect the two power supplies of the center motor to the battery.

Wiring diagram

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit TSDZ2 Central Motor Accessories Installation Example

Motor mounting size






  1. This is really helpful but I do have one question: where do you plug in the lights, if (as I do) you have a set ?

    It would be rally good to know this!

    1. You can have speed sensor with splitter for 1T2 lights cable

      here is for your reference.

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