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Safe Riding Starts with Lights

Riders like to ride at night because it integrates fitness, relaxation, social networking, equipment appreciation, and other functions in one, which is a very healthy amateur activity. If you’re worried that riding at night is not safe and warm enough, here are some tips and accessories that may help you.

1. Ride with lights.

First of all, in order to be safe, it is necessary to install lighting equipment, front lights, and rear lights.

The cycling lights are not only for you to see the road, sometimes it exists for others to see you. You need to install headlight and rear light. Headlights can help you light up the road ahead, so you can see oncoming vehicles, taillights can let the rear car detect your presence, helmet lights can also illuminate your vision.

The taillight is also one of the necessary equipment in riding. In addition to making the rear car see you, a qualified tail light can also remind the car following you to keep the distance between cars. Now, some tail lights on the market have the adaptive brake warning and ant function, which can adjust the flashing mode and check the power according to the time by the code meter root, so as to avoid dazzling at night and alert in the daytime Side effect.

How to select bicycle lights:

If you are riding in the urban area, it is recommended to equip a headlight of about 200-400 lumens. After all, the lighting conditions in most urban areas can ensure that you can see the road ahead clearly. Headlights of about 200-400 lumens can ensure that the other party can find you and that the other party will not suffer from the strong light.

If you are riding in a sparsely populated area, it is recommended to choose a headlight with more than 800 lumens to ensure that you can see the road ahead.

The lamp charged by USB is usually bright, but the battery is used for a shorter time. Remember to carry an extra spare battery.

Remember, never turn the handlebar lights to flash mode, just light up the road 20 feet in front of you. It’s dangerous for you or the driver in front of you to be too bright or even flashing

In addition, you can also choose clothes with reflective fabrics, or put reflective stickers on mudguards, car frames, backpacks, guard boards, handlebars, helmets, and any place you can think of to increase the reflective area so that you can be more easily seen by others.

Reflectors do not actively illuminate. Reflective strip can play a very good role in passive lighting, reflecting the light coming from the front to the maximum extent, which is mainly used for non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles to meet or overtake each other in dark conditions, without collision because they do not see each other.

2. Riding glasses

The night is also one of the most active periods for mosquitoes to come and go. A pair of riding glasses can prevent the eyes from getting into foreign matters when riding, and choosing the right lenses can not only prevent mosquitoes from flying into the eyes but also improve the brightness of the field of vision.

If you want to use more than one mirror, it is suggested to consider the color-changing lens, but the light transmittance at night may not be as good as the ordinary transparent lens, if only It’s night riding, so a yellow or transparent lens is a wise choice. If you don’t want to buy an expensive pair of glasses, you can also buy an ordinary one, which is just as easy to use.

3. Helmet, gloves and other safety equipment

Helmets, gloves, and other safety equipment are indispensable at all times. After all, they are the equipment to ensure life safety. You can’t leave them at home for a ride in the evening. If you don’t have a helmet yet, it’s recommended to choose a helmet suitable for you and ride on the road.


For the safety of riding at night, the following should be noted:

a. Pay attention to the speed of riding. Don’t ride too fast. Give yourself enough reaction time to deal with any obstacles on the road.

b. Before you go out, check your bike for any possible problems, and I guess you don’t want to lose your chain in the middle of a cold night.

c. Familiarize yourself with your route during the day, so you can know where there will be obstacles and where there will be chaotic intersections. If you’re a rookie at night, a well-lit bike lane at night can make it easier for you to ride on such a road until you feel you can handle a darker route.

d. Even if it’s a well lit Road, there will always be some sudden things that will surprise you. At this time, remember to support your weight with your legs instead of your hips to absorb sudden bumps.

e. If you can, find someone to ride with you. After all, many people also take care of yourself.

f. If necessary, don’t ride close to the road edge, which may make the car behind you cling to you and pass you. But always be careful, because drivers don’t always stare at the cyclists at night.

g. Night riding is not to show off your fashion, so it’s best to install something solid in your cars, such as wider tires and mudguards.

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