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Basic Information You Need to Know Before Purchase an Ebike Pedal Assistant Sensor

  • What is a PAS( Pedal Assist Sensor)? What functions does it have? What is the difference between different number magnetic?

The PAS is a sensor installed on the electric bike’s central axle. Its function is to convert the pedaling action into a pulse signal that can be recognized by the controller.

The sensor is divided into two parts, the disk, and the sensor. The disk rotates with the shaft when you step on it. The sensor is fixed. There is magnetics on the disk, each magnetic will trigger the kiln element in the sensor to act once when passing through the sensor.

The more magnetics, the faster the triggered signal frequency. For example, if the five magnets rotate one cycle, there are five pulse signals, eight magnets-eight pulse signals.

The PAS is to give a signal, with no control function. It needs the controller to identify these signals, then output control according to the frequency of the pulse. So the effect of the PAS: good or bad,  fast or slow, is a matter of the controller’s processing effect. It is not about the quantity of the PAS.

The more magnetics PAS has, the smoother the output signal, and the pedaling speed is more accurate. So more magnetics is the better when the controller can recognize the signals.

  • What is the difference between a single Hall and a double Hall?

A single Hall Pedal Assist Sensor has a built-in Hall in the head of the sensor when inductive a magnetic signal it will emit a signal.  The installation environment greatly affects Such a sensor and has poor stability. Moreover, both forward and reverse will have an output signal, which requires the controller to recognize the forward or reverse.

Dual Hall has two built-in Hall and signals conversion circuits to improve the stability of the output signal.

In addition, it can also identify the polarity of the magnetic and can control the forward rotation with signal output and the reverse without signal output. Perform signal recognition control. The dual-Hall performance is better when the controller is compatible.

  •  My electric bicycle’s PAS is broken, which one is suitable? My bike is ** brand, which one I should choose?

The easiest way to buy a new PAS is to purchase the same as the old one.

If not, to make sure the PAS will work on your bike, you need to confirm your old speed sensor’s shape, size, plug, wire, single Hall, or double Hall. It has nothing to do with the brand of the electric bike and controller.

There are several cores of the sensor’s wire, please make sure they match. If the disk is damaged, it doesn’t matter, the overall diameter can be estimated from the damaged part, and the number of original magnets can be estimated from the fragments because the magnets are distributed symmetrically.

If you don’t want to purchase the previous model, want to buy alternatives. Find similar ones.  For example, the original is five magnets. You can try 6 magnets or 8 magnets. But the 12 magnets can’t match.  But if your old one is a single hall, you should buy a single hall. The double one will not work.

  •  This is my first modification, which one is suitable?

The PAS has nothing to do with the brand of the bicycle and the voltage of the battery but matters with the controller. The controller should support the Pedal Assist Sensor’s function

You can choose several booster sensors for testing. If the controller is of good quality, it can be matched with five magnets and eight magnets. The magnet has a pulse signal output, and the controller needs to recognize that. The dual Hall has a signal output for forwarding rotation, and there is no signal output for reverse rotation.

Using which model booster sensor depends on the controller. Generally, the manufacturer of the controller will conduct a matching test when setting up the program. The 5 magnetics and 8 magnetics single Hall are widely used.

  • How to connect the different color wires?

When connecting the lines, you need to connect the lines with the same function instead of the same color. First of all, you must see the definition of the wire color of the PAS. Just figure out the function of the wire.

If the interface sequence is the same, just plug it in. If they are inconsistent, you need to adjust it. Search the SM terminal’s pin retrieval method online.

  • Tips

Booster sensors and sensors are susceptible to external forces during installation and debugging, or damage caused by line faults, so take one more when placing an order, so that you can quickly find the fault point by reference when repairing. It is a good choice to take some more sensors for backup.

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