Sirit Beast Motorcycle Spotlight Mounting Bracket

  • Multi-Functions.
  • Durable: The mount brackets are made of CNC aluminum alloy. Anti-shock, heat-resistant and anti-corrosion.
  • Multiple angle adjustment.
  • Anti-Slip: The internal sides are designed with an anti-slip tooth. Besides, the lines are very clear. So the brackets can grip the mount tightly.
  • The number of products: one.


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Modification Accessories Steering Damper Catches Bumper Fixture Handlebar Stent

Product Name: Motorcycle Extended Stent
Material Type: Aluminum alloy
Item Type: Grips
Item Length: 6.2cm
Material Type: Aluminum alloy
Item Width: 3.4cm
Item Weight: 0.11kg
Item Height: 2.3cm
Product color: red and black
Number of products: one

1. Double-sided screw holes for more accessory installation
2. Three diameters available:
① 42mm inner diameter is generally suitable for bumper installation
② 32mm diameter is generally used for handle installation
③ 54mm diameter generally used for the front shock absorption
3. Equipped with 6* 6mm/ 2* 8mm screw holes
4. Classical red and black combination
5. T6 aviation aluminum having high wind pressure and corrosion resistance
6. CNC superb technology provides the product with a strong texture
7. Anodizing technology to improve corrosion and wear resistance
8. 304 stainless steel screws to ensure the durable use

Packaging Details:
Unit Type: 1 clamp



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