Motocross Variable Diameter Handlebar Motorcycle Modified Adjustable Handlebar

  • Motorcycle variable diameter handlebar.
  • Application: 28mm code


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 Motorcycle Adjustable handlebar modified off-road vehicle handle accessories retro motorcycle universal 28MM Steering handle Spirit Beast

Model: Spirit Beast variable diameter handlebar L1

Material: t6061 aluminum alloy

Motorcycle application: 28mm code

Color: Black / burnt semi blue

Features: t6061 aluminum alloy is adopted, which has good corrosion resistance, enough hardness and is not easy to deform. In addition, 4.4mm thick aluminum tube and 80mm gold ratio height, it is safe and comfortable

Quantity: one motorbike variable diameter handlebar

Note: the color will be different due to the amount of ambient light and angle, which will lead to the deviation between the picture and the object! Please understand, thank you.

Warm tip: 502c with this handlebar, the sitting position will become low lying.


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