36V 48V 22A KT Controller 9-Tube Ebike Speed Motor Controller for 500W 750W

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  • KT Series Controller: 9  mosfets 36V48V 22A for 500W/750W Motor.
  • Multiple protection: over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, speed, lack of phase, protecting the safety of vehicle electronic control systems and traffic.
  • The KT controllers could work with most electric bike brushless motor with KT displays.
  • Please check the models carefully before ordering. 


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Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Controller 36V 48V 22A 9 Mosfets 500W 700W KT Controller with Light Waterproof Plug Electric Bike Controller
  • Type : 36V 48V  22A controller Squarewave
  • Brand : KT
  • Color : Silver
  • Controller dimension: about 12.5*6.5*3.6 cm/4.92*2.56*1.42in
  • Mosfet : 9 Mosfets
  • Maximum current : 22±1A
  • Rated current : 11A
  • Rated voltage : DC36V/48V
  • Speed set : 1-4.2V
  • Brake input : Low-Level
  • Low voltage protection : DC30/40±0.5V
  • Cable length: about 13-18cm/5.12-7.09in
  • Weight : 350g
FUNCTION & PLUG (all bullet)
SM joint
motor (3-green-yellow-blue  bullet + 6pin SM plug )        power (red-black bullet plug)
display (5 pin SM plug)         throttle (3pin SM plug)
ebrake (3pin SM plug ) *2         PAS (3pin SM plug)
Waterproof joint

motor (9pin waterproof plug )           power (red-black plug)

1T4 cable plug(8pin waterproof plug-Throttle-Display-Ebrake)

PAS (Yellow-3pin waterproof plug)


1. KT controller is just only compatible with the KT display(same communication protocol). Please make sure that your system is the KT system. The waterproof connector is special that I can’t promise you it can 100% compatible(because of the line sequence). But most can use it if you check carefully. Please check your motor cable if it is Julet or Higo 9pin waterproof plug(there is some letters on the connector ).Julet is better.

2. If your ebrake throttle display and PAS light are all waterproof connectors. Please make sure the brand of your cable. Ours is Julet. YLS is also could be compatible. But HIGO can/’t be compatible. Please check before order it.

3. Please contact us if you have further questions.

KT LCD Display Series

Electric Bike KT Controller

Electric Bicycle KT PAS 

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    I don't know how to choose the right controller. the seller is very helpful.
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