36V250W 48V 350W 14A 6 Mosfet Brushless Controller Waterproof Connector

  • KT Series Controller: 6 mosfets 36V 48V 14A for 350W/250W Motor.
  • Multiple protection: over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, speed, lack of phase, protecting the safety of vehicle electronic control systems, and traffic.
  • The KT controllers could work with most electric bike brushless motor with KT displays.
  • Please check the models and connectors carefully before ordering.


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Waterproof Connector 36V 250W 48V 350W 14A 6 Mosfet Electric Bicycle Brushless Controller Sinewave KT Series Support LED LCD


Rated voltage 36V/48V
Rated current 7A
Low voltage protection DC30/40±0.5V
Maximum current 14±1A
Speed set 1-4.2V
Brake input Low-level

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