Assembling Components for BBS

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Assembling Components for BBS
Assembling Components for BBS $21.68 Original price was: $21.68.$18.70Current price is: $18.70.
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2 specifications:
68-100MM suitable for BBS1 BBS2
120MM for BBS3 BBSHD

Bafang BBS Motor Kits Assembling Components Triangle Mounting Plate Crank Arm Bolts Inner Lock ring Outer Lock Ring For 8fun Mid Motor Accessories

This set of mid-motor fixing plate and fastening screw is suitable for 36V, 48V BBS01, BBS02, BBS03, BBSHD series eight high speed brushless tooth mid-motor refit bicycle motor, matching specific motor model is bbs0136v 250W / 350W, 48 v 350W, bbs0236v 500W, 48 v 500W / 750W, bBS0348V 750W 1000W.

Package included:
5 chainring mounting bolts (Bottom Left)
5 Plastic Chainring cover screws (Bottom Center)
2 Crankarm Mounting Bolts (Bottom Right)
1 Mounting Triangle Plate adapter (Top Left)
1 Lockring adapter (Center Top)
1 Outer Lockring adapter (Top Right)

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