Fingerprint Anti-Theft U Lock

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  • It takes only 1 second to unlock and can store 10 fingerprints. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be unlocked 3000 times for one full charging.
  • Equipped with 2 emergency keys, you can use the key to unlock if you encounter insufficient power or an emergency.
  • IP65 waterproof design, effectively preventing dust and rain from entering, long service life.
  • Fingerprint drawing, fingerprint recognition function setting is very simple, through 360° all-round fingerprint recognition, when the fingerprint changes with time, the fingerprint ID will also be adjusted.

Professional Smart waterproof mechanical U-lock stainless steel Bike Motorcycle Fingerprint anti-hydraulic protection lock
Product name: Fingerprint U lock
Finger collecting time:<0.5s
Finger matching time:<0.7s
Material: Stainless Steel+TPE
False reject rate:<0.1%
Battery:260mAh 3.7V
False accept:<0.0001%
Color: Black
Memory capacity:10 fingerprint sets
Type-C Input:5V/100mA
Waterproof: IP65
Working V/C:3.3V/100mA
Indicating light: Low voltage, lock & unlock

Smart Fingerprint U Lock
Not only the traditional key opening but also smart fingerprint recognition to unlock,
fingerprint & key, more convenient and security.

360o Fingerprint Recognition
Up to 10 fingerprints storage, biometric fingerprint registering for 10 times,multi-angle registration to freely unlock

Authorized Access Enhanced Security
Add/delete a fingerprint, no need to connect to a smartphone to operate, physical and logic are isolated to maximize enhanced lock safety

Idle Lock Cylinder
When the non-original key is inserted into the lock cylinder, the lock cylinder will follow the rotation and will not be opened to prevent violent tools from twisting the lock cylinder

Eight Advantages Make You Love
Smart fingerprint lock with eight advantages, with a smart fingerprint identification system, can open padlock in 5 seconds.
Key and fingerprint configuration, make it more convenient and safe.

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