FDBRO 3.0 High Altitude Elevation Simulation Sport Mask


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FDBRO 3.0 High Altitude Elevation Simulation Sport Mask
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  • FDBRO Training Mask simulates the effects of High Altitude Training
  • The sport mask comes with a 6-level valve system, you can change the intensity of your breathing without removing your mask during your workout.  Better breathing while training.
  • Function: Increase lung’s capability, strengthening the inspiratory and expiratory muscles,  enhance the function of the heart, enhance physical endurance as well as oxygen absorption efficiency.
Sport masks FDBRO 3.0 suitable for training fitness gym workout cycling high altitude elevation training conditioning


Sport mask Size
Weight:< 70 kg, choose size S
Weight:70~100 kg, choose size M
Weight :>100 kg, choose size L

The FDBRO Sport Mask can be used in all sorts of physical activities including:
1) Running
2) Outdoor Cardiovascular Activities
3) Traditional Gym Based Cardio
4) High Tempo Weight Training
5) Sport Specific Exercise
6) Breathing Exercises
7) Yoga and Low Impact Activities
8) Cross-Training Workouts
9) Plyometrics
How the sports mask works:
  • The FDBRO sport mask is the ultimate respiratory training device. The FDBRO training mask promotes increased lung capacity by forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths. When your body adapts to the resistance your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently.
  • While using the FDBRO training mask the conditioning of your lungs significantly increases along with endurance and diaphragm strength. The FDBRO training mask will benefit your respiratory system as your overall cardio and endurance will improve with continued use.
  • FDBRO Training Mask will also help increase your performance in various sports, such as Running Athletics Mixed Martial Arts Combat sports Yoga Football Rugby Basket Ball Swimming Hockey Anyone looking to increase lung capacity resulting in better cardio and conditioning.


  • 1 x FDBRO Training Mask
  • 1 x Quick guide
  • 1 x Protective zip case
  • 3 x Breathing tabs
  • 1 x FRBRO wristband

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    FDBRO 3.0 High Altitude Elevation Simulation Sport Mask photo review
    May 8, 2020
    Very good product.
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