Electric Bike LCD Display S866 24V 36V 48V 60V Intelligent Controller


Electric Bike LCD Display S866 24V 36V 48V 60V Intelligent Controller
Electric Bike LCD Display S866 24V 36V 48V 60V Intelligent Controller $24.00$26.00
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  • [Bracket Diameter]-Easy to install and use, comes with LCD screen display bracket, suitable for 22.2mm/0.9in handlebars.
  • [Simple to Replace]- Can be installed and disassembled quickly and effortlessly, no tools are needed, to meet your various need.
  • [Durable Material] –LCD display is made of high-quality ABS material and is lightweight, waterproof and durable, and long service life. 
  • [See Clearly] –The backlight allows you to see the screen clearly even in a dark environment, and the key operation is fast and convenient.
  • [Large Screen]- LCD display makes it easier for you to view the data on the panel, and the status is displayed on the large screen more intuitively.

S866 Electric Bike LCD Display Panel E-bike 24V36V48V LCD Display


The LCD display communication protocol is UART#2, please confirm your controller has the same communication.  If not, it doesn’t work.



Item Type: S866 LCD Display

Material: ABS/Acrylic

Color: Black

Communication Protocol: UART 2

Holder Diameter :22.2mm

Display Type: Segment

Plug Type: SM plug or Waterproof cable

Grade of waterproof: IP65


Package List:

1 x S866 LCD Display

1 x Manual



Please check whether the communication agreement is the same before purchasing.

P parameter setting:

P01: Backlight brightness (1: darkest; 3: brightest)

P02: Mileage unit (0: KM; 1: MILE)

P03: Voltage level: 24V/36V/48V (default)/36V

P04: Sleep time (0: never, other numbers refer to sleep time) Unit: minutes

P05: Auxiliary: 0,3 gears 1gear2V, 2gear3V, 3gear 4V1st, 5th gear 1st gear 2V, 2nd gear 2.5V, 3rd gear 3V, 4th gear 3.5V, 4th gear 4V

P06: Wheel diameter unit: inch Accuracy: 0.5

P07: Magnet steel number (1-100)

P08: Maximum speed limit unit: KM/H

P08: Speed limit: the range is 0-50 km/h, 50 means no speed limit.

1. Non-communication state (instrument control): the speed is turned off PWM output Greater than the set speed; automatically turn on the PWM output when the speed is lower than Set the speed, the current speed is (+1km/h); (close the speed limit Booster only.)

2. Communication status (controller control): The drive speed is kept at the set value.Error: +1km/h; (average speed limit of booster and steering gear)

Note: The value here is in kilometers. When the unit setting is changed from kilometers to miles, the speed value of the display interface will be automatically converted to the correct value of miles. However, the speed limit data set in the menu under the mileage interface will not be converted. It does not match the actual speed limit mileage value.

P9: zero start, non-zero start setting, 0: zero start; 1: non-zero start

P10: The drive mode is set to 0: boost drive (determine how much power is required by the boost gear output, the switch is invalid at this time).

1: Electric drive (rotate the driver, the booster gear is invalid at this time).

2: Power-assisted drive and electric drive coexist at the same time (the zero-start state of the electric drive is invalid).

P11: Auxiliary sensitivity setting range: 1-24

P12: Boost start intensity setting range: 0-5

P13: Set booster magnet type to 5, 8, and 12 magnets

P14: Controller current limit setting default 12A range: 1-20A

P15: No present

P16: ODO reset setting Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to clear ODO

Error Code(decimal)

  • E0 Normal
  • E1 Reserved
  • E2 Brake
  • E3 PAS Sensor Failure (riding mark) Not Realized
  • E4 6km/h Cruise
  • E5 Real-Time Cruise
  • E6 Low Battery
  • E7 Motor Failure(Because the LCD display support without Hall or with Hall, But if Controller is not connector to Motor Hall, The LCD display Will show E7, The Motor, controller, and LCD display can together work. But Only show E7.So we advise your motor with hall.)
  • E8 Throttle Failure
  • E9 Controller Failure
  • E10 Communications Receiving Fallure(1. Your controller communication protocol is not suitable for this display.2. Incorrect line order 3. The connector pins are not firm)
  • E11 Communications Sending Failure
  • E12 BMS Communications Fallure
  • E13 Light Failure

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