Ebike Motor 25A Controller With Light Function


Ebike Motor 25A Controller With Light Function
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  • Ebike Motor Controller KT Series: 36V48V 25A for 750W Motor.
  • Multiple protection: over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, speed, lack of phase, protecting the safety of vehicle electronic control systems and traffic.
  • The KT e-bike controllers could work with most electric bike brushless motors with KT displays.
  • Please check the models carefully before ordering.

Dear Customer:

I hope you can read this paragraph carefully so that you can avoid many problems when purchasing.

1. Please make sure that your original controller is the controller(communication protocol) before your device.

The KT controller is only suitable for KT series accessories, such as KT display, KT throttle, etc.

If you need a waterproof type, the waterproof connector is very special, because of the wire sequence I cannot guarantee that it will be 100% compatible and work.

Our controller cable brand is Julet. Please check and confirm the appearance of your connector. Usually, 90% of them can work normally. If you encounter problems during installation, please contact us and we will try our best to help you solve it.

2. Waterproof cable length is about 13-15cm. If you want to connect the controller, you need a 1 to 4 /1 to 5 extension cable.

3. Please contact me if you are not sure which is right for you or have further questions.


A. The current of the controller is subject to the maximum current. Please do not use the rated current as the current of the controller. Otherwise, other parts of the electric bicycle will be overloaded.

B. A Light / Lamp for our KT controller must be about 70 mA ( less than 100 mA )or the controller will be damaged. I suggest you do not use the front and rear lights at the same time.


The difference between square wave controller and sine wave controller

-The sine wave controller has less noise and is more stable when riding, but it means more expensive.

-The square wave controller is more affordable and cheaper, which can meet daily cycling needs.

-But they have a consistent appearance

-The plugs of the square wave controller are the same as the sine wave controller, and the appearance is the same, only the nameplate is different.


Controller details
Color: Silver
Dimension :about 128 * 68 * 38 mm
Mosfet:9 Mosfets
Maximum current:25±1A
Rated current:12A
Rated voltage: DC36V/48V
Speed set:1-4.2V
Brake input: Low-Level
Low voltage protection: DC30/40±0.5V
Cable Length: all about 13-18cm
Wave: Square wave/Sine wave

You can check the 1T4 1T5 cable here.

Additional info

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