Bicycle Titanium TC4 Common MTB Bike Bolts Unit 36pcs/ Set

  • RISK RT106 Common MTB bike Bolts Unit
  • Color: Rainbow, Gold, Black Applicable: Common MTB bike
  • Material: titanium alloy;
  • Level: TC4 (Gr5);
  • Series:SL


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RISK 36pcs/ set Titanium TC4 Bicycle Common Screws Bolts Sets For Mountain Bike MTB Stem/Derailleur/Valve Cap/Brake Bolt

This set includes a common cover for mountain bikes, a set of fixing screws, a disc brake fixing screw, a disc fixing screw, a bottle cage screw, and a nozzle cap.

Due to the complex type of bicycle accessories, this unit of Titanium Alloy bolts is only applicable to common mountain bikes, and it is not guaranteed that each bolt can be matched and applied well.

Please carefully measure the original screw specifications before purchase and installation.

Do not install forcibly!

36pcs/lot Titanium Bolts For Common MTB bikes Package contents:
Presta Valve Cap*2/ Schrader Valve Cap*2
Jockey Wheel Fixing Bolts*2
Derailleur Wire Fixing Bolts*2
Water Botter Cage Fixing Bolts(with Washer)*4
Disc Brake Rotor Fixing Bolts*12
Stem Cap*1/Bolt*1
Stem Fixing Bolts with Washer*6
Dic Brake Fixing Screws with Washer*4


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Black, Gold, Rainbow




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