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9 Steps Changing Your Chain Rings For Sur-Ron Light Bee

Share with you how to change a chainring for sur-ron light bee.

Step 1: Remove the rear wheel brake pump. Remember not to pinch the rear brake or find a gasket to insert into it.

Step 2: Remove the chain clip

Step 3: Remove the chain

Step 4: Loosen the rear axle nut

Step 5: Take out the rear axle

Step 6: Remove the rear wheelset and remove the chainring screw

Step 7: screw the big chainring on the rear hub, the screw tightening torque is 30-35N.m.

Step 8: Install the wheelset and disc-brake bracket on the flat fork together(Please note that the limit groove of the disc brake bracket should be consistent with the limit lug on the left side of the flat fork)

Step 9: Install the rear axle, install the new chain, and install the chain clip correctly

Successfully replaced the chainrings for light bee.

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