110 DB Louder Electronic Alarm MTB Chain Security Lock Steal Motor Bike Alarm Bike Cycling Bicycle Lock


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  • Name: bicycle alarm lock
  • Material: lock cylinder: zinc alloy
  • Lock body: zinc alloy ABS steel cable iron (PVC plastic package)
  • Size(approx.): length: 120cm/47.24in steel cable, diameter: 12mm/0.47in
  • Weight: about 500g
  • Application: mountain bike, road bike, off-road vehicle, station wagon, motorcycle, door.

Bicycle Anti-theft Lock Alarm 110 DB Louder Electronic Alarm Chain Security Lock MTB High-Strength Steel Password Cable Lock

Burglar alarm: will immediately alarm when the lock body is destroyed.

Double Insurance Alarm Device: Vibration alarm, cut off the alarm. The 110dB alarm sound, double alarm device guarantees that the sound is similar in sound to the jet propeller.  

High-quality Materials: Steel cable diameter about 12mm/0.47in is not easy to cut off. The lock cylinder and the lock body are made of zinc alloy material with good wear resistance. Since the characteristics are wear-resistant and non-absorbent, there is no need to worry about rust or wear during use. 

Easy to Install: PVC lock frame can be installed on the seat tube with a diameter of 20mm-32mm to facilitate the disassembly of the car lock. The lock frame has 3 pieces of soft skin of different thicknesses so that you can’t install it because the seat tube is too big during the installation process.

Battery: AAA battery, easy to disassemble and replace. (Note: not included in the package)



High-strength steel cable and anti-theft alarm design, the vibration alarm system can better prevent your car safety. 

Cut alarm setting: Insert the lock into the lock body, and the “B” sound will be locked. The LED light flashes for 5 seconds and then turns into slow flashing, and enters the shear alarm standby state. When the lock body is damaged or the cable is cut, an alarm will be issued immediately for 30 seconds, and the alarm will stop and then enter the alarm state.

Vibration alarm setting: This setting is completed by the alarm key. When the key is inserted into the alarm setting hole, it will sound “B” and enter the vibration alarm function standby state (the cutting alarm function exists at the same time)

Unlock the alarm to stop the alarm: insert the key to the right to rotate 90 degrees to unlock, unlock the alarm to stop the alarm.

Packing List:

1 *bike alarm cable lock

1 * holder

2 * key

1 * alarm key


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