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7 Advantages Of Wearing Cycling Gloves When Riding – Emotoer

Benefits Of Wearing Riding Gloves
As a necessary protective tool, riding gloves are as important as helmets and clothes. Good riding gloves not only bring comfort in riding but also play a protective role.

1. Slow down the vibration damage

In the process of riding, the vibration generated on the road surface is directly transmitted to the hands after the mitigation effect of the shock absorption front fork, which will have a certain degree of impact on the wrist and arm, resulting in weakness of the hand.And the general riding gloves will be designed in the palm of the thickened protective pad, play the role of anti-seismic protection, reduce the damage to the body caused by vibration.

2. Prevent friction

In the process of riding, the contact between hands and handlebars will cause friction, which will lead to rough hand skin and even abrasion blisters for a long time. The superfine fiber fabric used in riding gloves can effectively reduce the direct friction of skin and avoid injury.

3. Moisture absorption and perspiration

A lot of sweat will be produced during riding, which will easily cause danger. Riding gloves can effectively absorb sweat, and the thumb of gloves is usually designed with towel cloth, which can easily wipe the sweat from face and body, prevent it from flowing into eyes, and avoid danger.

4. Antiskid

In the process of sports riding, sweat will be discharged, which leads to a loose and slippery grip. Wearing riding gloves can effectively prevent this phenomenon. The anti-skid silicone in the palm of the glove has a certain moisture absorption effect, which can increase the friction between the glove and the handlebar, and increase safety during riding.

5. Protect your wrist

During long-distance riding, different roads will be encountered. The vibration will oppress nerves, which will lead to wrist disconnection in serious cases. Riding gloves can reduce the degree of vibration. In addition, the design of the glove wrist guard makes riding safer and safer.

6. Keep warm

Riding in winter, the cold wind piercing, long finger riding gloves can also play a role in keeping warm, make riding more relaxed and happy.

7. Injury protection

Cycling itself is a dangerous sport. When you fall down accidentally in an emergency, people will use their hands to support the ground to alleviate the impact of the body. If you don’t wear gloves or gloves with poor protection, you will be injured. Generally, the protective pad of riding gloves is thickened to prevent direct friction between hands and the ground, Avoid serious injury.

How To Buy Cycling Gloves

Riding gloves are different from ordinary gloves. The requirements for riding gloves are more strict and professional. Different riding gloves emphasize different functions. How do we choose the most suitable pair of riding gloves?

1. Full or half finger gloves?
Cycling gloves can be divided into full finger and half finger gloves. The advantages of full-finger gloves are high protection performance, which can maximize sun protection and warmth, but the disadvantage is inconvenient. The advantages of Half Finger gloves are light and convenient, but the disadvantages are that the protective performance is lower, and it can not be waterproof, cold, and sun proof.

Generally speaking, half finger gloves are suitable for sunny weather in summer, but if it’s mountain riding, it’s best to use full finger gloves. No matter what the weather is, protection is the most important. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy both kinds of gloves, and you can choose to use the full finger or the half-finger according to the specific situation.

2. Mountain or highway gloves?
Different riding conditions of the road race and mountain race lead to different functions of gloves. Mountain gloves emphasize shock absorption. Protective materials are added to the back of the hand to reduce hand injury caused by falling or friction. The gloves of road vehicles are light, and the cushion is thin. At the same time, more attention is paid to the anti-skid design.

3. Damping gloves?
We know that a good shock-absorbing glove protects the wrist when the road is bumpy. The better shock-absorbing gloves on the market are usually memory foam and shock absorbing gel technology.

Memory foam can keep the shape when riding, so the rider can hold the handlebar firmly, but its shock absorption performance is poor, so it is suitable for riding on flat ground or on the road. The shock-absorbing gel has excellent damping performance and is the first choice for mountain riding and extreme sports.

4. Glove size?
Buy a size that fits your palm. Don’t intentionally buy a size larger or smaller. The best glove size is close to the palm of your hand, otherwise, it won’t hold.

Clean Gloves Properly
Proper cleaning of gloves can not only give full play to their functions but also prolong the service life of gloves.
1. It’s better to wash by hand, as long as it’s soaked in soapy water, and then dry in the shade;
2. Do not use hot water, bleaching water, and other strong acid cleanings;
3. Don’t expose them to the sun, which may damage the material and tissue, and cause pilling ball and loose cloth;

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