Electric Bike Pedal assist sensor (PAS) Wires Connection Guideline

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Note: The PAS will be broken, if the wires are wrong connected。

So it is important to understand the line sequence and color definition of the booster sensor. You can also refer to the interface color definition of the old sensor.

Common Color definition

Red Red Red Red
Negative Black Black Black Black
Yellow White Doule color Purple

Then match them with the same functional wires of the controller.

The following are some examples for your reference.


Here are some common reasons for your reference to why the PAS doesn’t work.


1. Wrong model. The original model one is 5 magnet or 8 magnets single hall, but the new one is the double hall.


2. Connected to the wrong wires. Just match the wires by color, but not the function.


3. The line is disconnected.


4. The original configuration is a voltage booster sensor (connecting to the handle).


5. The power is not reversed during forwarding rotation, and the disk installation is reversed.


6. Both forward and reverse can help, the original is dual Hall, single Hall is selected.


7 The effect is not good. Stepping on one foot and turning at full speed or turning half a circle will help.